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Our Guarantee

At Boyd Lawn Co. our #1 goal is your complete satisfaction. We know you are going to love what we do however should you find something not to your satisfaction we guarantee the necessary measures will be taken to meet your expectation.

Flexible Service Programs

Platinum Service Plan

Platinum Service Plan

Customers who have made a significant investment in their lawns and landscapes typically choose our Platinum Service Plan. Boyd Lawn Co. will provide a monthly service call which will ensure that your lawn and landscape will be kept in the best health possible and your turf and plants will experience the least amount of stress. This service plan is a fixed rate plan that is all inclusive. If your property needs it, it will get it. If you want your lawn and landscape to look its absolute best, this is the plan for you.

Gold Service Plan

Gold Service Plan

This is our most popular plan. Boyd Lawn Co. will provide service calls on a six (6) week schedule. Customers who simply want their lawns to be the best in the neighborhood choose this service plan. This plan includes everything that the Platinum plan offers with the exception of turf disease control and Bio Green tree fertilization. These services, if necessary and desired by the customer are billed as fee for service.

Silver Service Plan


The Silver Service Plan is our second most popular. Customers that choose this plan typically want a lawn that looks better than their neighbors’ but are on a budget. This plan includes everything that the Gold plan offers with the exception of Shrub & Landscape bed service and Complimentary Emergency calls. These services along with disease control and tree fertilization, if necessary and desired by the customer are billed as fee for service.

Bronze Service Plan


This is the plan for the customer who wants their lawn services to be a la carte. The plan is simple. We apply Bio Green fertilizer to the lawn on a bi-monthly basis and we apply an early season pre-emergent weed control. All other services if necessary and desired by the customer are billed as fee for service.

Non-Toxic Service Plan

▪ Non-Toxic Service Plan

At Boyd Lawn Co., we have an answer for our customers that need a totally non-toxic lawn and landscape service. As your local Bio Green Licensed Service Provider, we use Bio Green Fertilizers which are non-toxic and use this natural fertilizer for all of our service plans.

For our customers that are sensitive to the toxicities of pest control products – we are happy to provide our service with non-toxic pest control as well. Unfortunately, non-toxic pest control products are considerably more expensive than their chemical equivalents. Depending on the issue being addressed, some non-toxic products also require multiple applications. It is for these reasons that the cost of the Non-Toxic service offering is higher. It is our hope that as more non-toxic pest control products are developed, the cost of these products will be reduced and non-toxic service will be affordable for more people.

Lawn and Landscape Evaluation

Lawn and Landscape Evaluation

Your Boyd Lawn Co. Lawn Technician will begin the service call by walking your property and examining the condition of your lawn, landscape plants, shrubs, and trees. They will note any problems that have arisen since your last service call that need to be addressed.

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Your Lawn, Trees, Shrubs & Flowers Want To Be Fed


Just like your lawn, proper nutrition is essential for your trees. Resistance to drought, disease and severe weather are significantly increased if your tree is healthy and strong. Our service professionals apply Bio Green Complete Landscape Nutrition™ directly onto the trunk of the tree, covering the bark of the tree thoroughly. This allows the tree to absorb essential nutrients immediately. For younger trees the spray will be a bit lighter. Typically a few applications will generate amazing results on any tree, regardless of the size, age or species.


In colder climates where the tree enters into a dormant period and can even freeze solid, an early spring application is needed to help jump start your trees growth for the season ahead. While the fall application helps your tree store energy and nutrition for the cold winter months. In warmer climates, it is essential to provide the tree with all the essential nutrients throughout the year. Your Bio Green service professional will determine the necessary nutritional recommendations for your area.



Your shrubs need nutrition too! Feeding them Bio Green’s Complete Landscape Nutrition™ along with your lawn and trees will provide the proper nutrition for your entire landscape. Providing the proper nutrients to your shrubs on a regular schedule will result in dense and full shrubs.



Bio Green works just as well on ornamental flowers as it does on your lawn, trees and shrubs. All plants need the same basic essential nutrients to grow. Bio Green provides these nutrients in a gentle and safe formula that will not harm or “burn” your delicate flowering plants. Proper nutrition and balance in the soil can make the difference between a beautiful flower and one that is worthy of being in a bouquet. (Please note that we do not spray directly on the flowers themselves, just around the base of the plant to protect the delicate petals.)

Bio Green Soil Amending Fertilizer Application(s)

▪ Bio Green Soil Amending Fertilizer Application(s)

Bio Green soil amending fertilizer is applied to your lawn. This application is customized to your lawn dependent upon turf type and time of year. When the soil is cool and less active, we apply more plant nutrients. When the soil is warm and active, we apply more soil amendments, which build topsoil and soil fertility so your lawn and landscape will stay healthy and happy until your next service call.


▪ Bio Green Shrub & Landscape Bed Fertilizer Application(s)

The plant nutrition needs for shrubs and Landscape bedding plants are different from those of turf grasses. For this reason, Bio Green Service Providers have a specially formulated fertilizer that will produce healthy plants and beautiful flora and fauna.


▪ Bio Green Tree Fertilizer Application(s)

Bio Green feeds trees all of the nutrients they need through trunk and foliar feeding. Through this type of application, the special blend of nutrients and supplements are absorbed into the circulatory system of the tree where they do the most good for the health of the tree.

Weed Control Application(s)

Turf Pre-Emergent Weed Control Applications(s)

Boyd Lawn Co. service plan options include pre-emergent herbicide applications. These herbicides prevent crabgrass and the germination of broadleaf weeds. We use pre-emergent herbicides that provide the maximum control with minimal environmental impact.


Turf Post-Emergent Weed Control Application(s)

Boyd Lawn Co. observes “Least Toxic” Best Management Practices (BMP’s). This means we use environmentally sensitive post-emergent herbicides on a where, when, and only as needed basis. Unless absolutely necessary, we avoid the broadcast application of these chemicals which minimizes the environmental impact of these products.

Turf Insect Control Application(s)

Turf Insect Control Application(s)

While insecticides are a necessary component to proper turf management, many contain chemicals that can damage beneficial soil organisms and reduce soil fertility. As with herbicides, Bio Green Service Providers observe “Least Toxic” BMP’s for the application of insecticides. By following these “Least Toxic” BMP’s we minimize the environmental impact of these products and the potential health hazards to people and pets.


Shrub & Landscape Bed Pest Control Application(s)

Shrubs and Landscape Bedding plants all can suffer from insects and diseases. Just like with turf, our goal is to identify insect or disease pressure and take care of it in its early stages to reduce the amount of potential damage and the amount of chemicals required to solve the problem. This is the fundamental reason for the Complimentary Emergency Service on our Non-Toxic, Platinum, and Gold service plans.

Disease Control Application(s)

Turf Disease Control Application(s)

There are a number of diseases that can affect different varieties of turf grasses. As with herbicides and insecticides, Boyd Lawn Co. always seek to avoid a broadcast application of fungicide products. The regular Lawn Evaluation at your service call increases the chance that we will catch a lawn fungus in its early stages and be able to “spot treat” the problem rather than having to broadcast apply a treatment. This significantly reduces the amount of damage that your lawn will sustain from turf diseases.

Landscape Consultation

Landscape Consultation

Your Bio Green Service Provider is always happy to take the time to speak with you about the health of your lawn and landscape and about the products used or the services provided.


Complimentary Emergency Service

Complimentary Emergency Service

We can’t always be there when an insect infestation occurs. It is for that reason that we provide complimentary emergency service for our Non-Toxic, Platinum, and Gold Service Plan customers.

48 Hour Service Guarantee

48 Hour Service Guarantee

If you call us for service, we promise to be there within 48 hours. This promise applies to all service calls including complimentary emergency service.


We are your local Bio Green Licensed Service Provider

Boyd Lawn Co. is your local Bio Green Licensed Service Provider.

Bio Green Licensed Service Providers utilize Bio Green soil amending fertilizers. These patent-pending natural fertilizers were created and are manufactured exclusively by Bio Green USA, Inc. and are made in the USA. They are simply the best and the most environmentally responsible fertilizers available in lawn care today. Bio Green fertilizers are non-toxic and designed to feed your turf, trees, shrubs, and flowers as well as stimulate soil activity which builds sustainability and overall fertility.

Bio Green Fertilization Services will make your lawn, trees and shrubs green, healthy and beautiful in an environmentally safe manner.

Bio Green Licensed Service Provider

Boyd Lawn Co. is your local Bio Green Licensed Service Provider

Local Care & Expertise

Boyd Lawn Co. professional lawn care services will make your lawn, trees & shrubs and landscape green, healthy & beautiful in an environmentally safe manner.

Additional Service Offerings

  • Additional Service Offerings

Get Started with a Free Lawn Evaluation:

Turf type identification
Turf health assessment

  • Assess stressed areas
  • Weeds
  • Insects
  • Diseases

Tree and Shrub identification
Tree and Shrub health assessment

  • Assess signs of stress
  • Nutrient deficiency
  • Insects
  • Disease

Flower and Landscape plant identification
Flower and Landscape plant health assessment

After a complete evaluation, our lawn technician will review the lawn evaluation and discuss the service options available for caring for the nutritional and health needs of your lawn and landscape.


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